Sunday, 28 May 2017

Trojan Support Vehicle for my Death Korps of Krieg, WIP

Here are some work in progress pictures of my two Trojan support vehicles for my Death Korps of Krieg.

I just love to have those support and engineering vehicles to my force.

I started with two second hand Chimeras in rather bad shape...
Lots of plasticard and different bits.

After the rough shape was built I added rivets, from an discarder water filter. A drop of plastic glue and tweezers.

 After this it was time to add extra ammunition and extra gear.

Here are some pictures from late this night, I could have added so much more bits to these but I got to many projects and had to call it a day.

 After a black primer

After a brown primer, I sprayed from a angle and left some parts at the bottom unpainted as I wanted the black to darkened it down for me, a sort of quick zenith lights with black and brown primers.

And now I can start paint these babies. I will give these my regular camo pattern and the white markings as my other tanks. I have thought about adding a mascot like a pin-up or something in freehand but with the amount of things on these vehicles it could be a little to much.

Edit: Here are the Trojans, now painted:

In the future I would love to field a whole armoured company or an artillery company with all the support.
Something along the lines of these...

Monday, 22 May 2017

Solar Auxilia

In a surprise for our clubs 30k Escalation campaign I have painted a 750pts Solar Auxilia army for our 750pts date and reviled it at the event.
Many late nights and lots and lots of coffee are the backbone of this force...

This will be a big post so bear with me.

Here we have my 750pts Solar Auxilia force for Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy.

Solar Auxilia Tactical Command Section

My Veletaris with power axes. The Prime (sergeant) of this unit have found a foul unknown xenos and took its head.
I bet he will carry it around for some time until he can give it to a Magos Biologis for further study.

In the background you can see a Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section. They are carrying a lasrifle, a long ranged variant of the famous Lasguns that the Imperial Guards are carrying in Warhammer 40k.

A Dracosan Armoured Transport.
I have paid some extra points to upgrade its weaponry from an twin-linked Lascannon to a Demolisher cannon, this upgrade also changed the transport capacity from 20 to 10 but for that extra punch I think is a deadly option.
It is transporting a Veletaris storm section with Volkite charges, a short range weapon with quite a punch.

The plan is to add some camo patterns in dark green later on, some insignia and more details but this is all I could manage in time for the gaming event. I am rather pleased of it as it is so Im happy.

I will not go into detail what the Solar Auxilia is but have gathered some links at the end of this post for those interested.
Think of the Imperium of man as the Roman Empire, the Space Marine legions are the Roman legionaries but the bulk of the forces comes from auxiliary forces such as barbarian tribes, mercenary soldiers or compliant states sending troops. Its the same with the Imperium of man, the elite force is the Space Marines but the bulk of the total army would be different types of auxiliary forces.
Before the outbreak of the civil war of Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy about 20-25% of the Imperial forces would be Solar Auxilia.
As their name suggests their origin comes from the Sol system. But not from holy Terra and instead from the
Saturnyne Ordo from the moons around Saturn. The Emperor managed to incorporate the Saturnyne Ordo into his Empire in the Age of unification in a peaceful manner and could thus command their fleet that was by far the most powerful in the system and their expert void forces would set the standard of doctrine, training and equipment of what is now the Solar Auxilia.

My idea and made up fluff for this force is that it is the personal army of the Noble house of Dãvalos and their East Fringe Trading Company.
The Nobles are interested in wealth and business opportunities and will use their contacts in the higher command echelons, the contacts with the other noble families and the power of their trading company to
In the campaign games of our escalation campaign they have started to move some of their forces in to the system of Lacum Itineribus but most of the family and companies are elsewhere.

I want to include xeno tech in the officers equipment and will try to incorporate this interest their back story as it progress.

I will borrow some ideas from the historical East Indian trading companies of different nations as well as the Spanish forces in the Caribbean.

The plan is to include forces of Magos Biologis instead of the Engineseer option I can take as an Elite in the Solar Auxilia army but use the same rules. This will represent the Nobles bringing in experts to capture and study xeno animal and plants for their many gardens and palaces.
I must include at least one servitor with a butterfly net catching smaller xenos for studies.

The inspiration for paint scheme comes from different sources. I wanted a blacked iron metallic armour and dirty brown/yellow clothes.
And I wanted some details in red to break up the more boring muddy colours. This will be more prevailing in the officers and nobles.

For the tanks or vehicles I wanted to be able to borrow some of my Death Korps of Krieg collection and have because of that planed to paint then inspired by German ww2 colours.

I have as of now not decided on the noble house of Dãvalos colours or insignia. I am thinking on a red background and maybe incorporate a Griffon or a Capricorn in the design. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

Here follows the story of our campaign as I and the Gaming master started to work them in to the campaign and on the morning of the same day as the event I announced the army for everyone to see.

Fluff update part 0.5.1
Incoming transmission...
A signal bearing the imperial code of recognition has been detected, sent on a uncoded transmission.
The signal was collected near the gas and mineral asteorides of the Gordoch cluster, a small swarm of asteorides at the outer part of the system.
-This is the Gabriella, signal ship of the 'East fringe trading company' under the noble house of Dãvalos.
These rocks are under the protection and custody of the 'East fringe trading company', bearing the letter of Marque and full monopoly of mineral mining of the Gordoch asteorides and its close area.
Any action hindering the mineral mining will be met with military force.
Any information or help in locating future company interests will be handsomely rewarded by the Noble house of Dãvalos.
At the moment the East fringe trading company are particularly looking at exotic native xeno plants for the House gardens, arsenic and iridium as well as trading rights in this system.
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...

Fluff update part 0.6.2
Incoming transmission...
Reports from spies on the ground have reported that some kind of agreement have been struck between the Confederation and the East Fringe trading company.
Ships and scanning satellites from the trading company have been detected moving more to the central more important planets and moons of the Lacum Itineribus system from their initial areas around the Gordoch asteorides.
Indications of blockade breaking smuggler ships have also been noticed to the Brotherhood controlled areas.
The traffic seems to have increased after several reports of explosions and coordinated lootings from local Art and Historical museums.
No informations on forces behind this have been confirmed.
Further investigations on these matters are continuing.
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...

Fluff update part 0.6.3
Incoming transmission...
Tactical Update - Labled Urgent.
Distress signals have been reported from the ship blockading Aerelon. The communication servitors had initial troubles transcribing the incoming messages due to hostile attempts to interfere with the signal.
Information seems to suggest that the fleet has managed to disable the planets' orbital defence system after a surprise attack. The ships then came under attack as enemy vessels arrived out of warp travel, intercepting the fleet dispatched by the Confederate high command to relieve the forces stranded on the planet. We have been unable to assertain losses, but we have reason to suspect that our forces are conducting emergency evacuations from the planet. Other sources have confirmed that the loyal Astartes Forces that recently made planet fall on Aerelon have made a tactical withdrawal and left after sustaining considerable losses.
We await further updates.
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...

Fluff update part 0.6.4
Incoming transmission...
Tactical Update - Labled Urgent.
Heavy losses on the confederate troops blockading Aerelon have been confirmed. Evacuation has been classified as a failure. Relief-forces and four surviving confederate light frigates have managed to retreat in serviceable condition, together with elements of the Astartes. The forces have reported to be heading toward Scorpia to resupply. Indications seem to point toward a concealed EFTC station. Requests for a monetary transaction to cover "Replenished stocks of equipment and manpower" have been recieved and forwarded to the military high command to consider. We do also wish to point out that any EFTC station present on Scorpia would be a violation of the Traders Act 182 ¶3 regarding the Confederations' exclusive trading zone. Enact sanctions as you deem suitable.
We have raised query as for the status of the troops still trapped on Aerelon. Initial replies simply read "May the Emperor have mercy on their souls."
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...
Fluff update part 0.6.5
Incoming transmission...
Orbital scanners - Gemenon.
Multiple ships have been reported as arriving out of warp travel. Their signal carries the mark of the Custodian Guard.

Recieving audio-script - Labled high priority.
"This is Ersor of the Custodian Guard, sent under direct command of the Emperor. I request the military high council transfer to my ship within the hour. Failure to do so will be considered treason and be dealt with thusly."
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...

Fluff update part 0.6.6
Incoming transmission...
The East Fringe Trading Company are pleased to announce the recent contract signing that ensures the establishment of friendly relations between the glorious Imperium and the Company executives. As a gesture of good faith, the Company has agreed go restock and resupply the Imperial forces currently enscansed in Scorpia. Any payments and/or contracts of trade or exclusive rights are subject to clausules of censure, but the EFTC would warn any mining enterprises to vacate the Gordochian asteroid belt. Failure to do so will bring just retribution by the EFTC under imperial sanction.
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...

And with the last part here under I revealed pictures of my army as it looked when I took some pictures the day before the event ( and before that last night painting..)
Fluff update part 0.6.7
Incoming transmission...
Following the recent tactical redeployments after the traitors successes from Aerelon, a further deal have been struck with the East fringe trading company and the noble House of Dãvalos.
The private armies of Dãvalos will join under the Imperial command.
In return the House have been granted trading rights, grants of land, sites to muster and enforce as well as tax reductions and a strange request of forgiveness to their souls.

It will take time for the noble House of Dãvalos forces to fully converge with the Imperial forces under Astartes command but a small detachment are already in the area. Further reinforcements are promised.
Transmission ended...
Transcribing datafiles and assigning storage space...

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