Saturday, 23 March 2019

Solar Auxilia Rapier Quad mortars

I have had these quad mortars laying in a box for well over a year, but now with the removal of the "flip-flip bullshit" rules in the latest 30k FaQ I felt it was the right time to paint them up.

Its a real fun looking miniature, I just love the driver.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Work in progress Forest goblin infantry

I just wanted to share some work in progress pictures of the infantry of my Forest goblins.

I based them in the 1-2-3 system for easier movement.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Age of Sigmar battle

This Tuesday some members of the local club had planed a bigger battle of Age of Sigmar, and for this I had rushpainted up the last my small 500pts force of Forest goblins to TT standard to join in this enterprise.  

I couldnt make it in time for the start of the game but my forces would reinforce later on.
In this blogpost you will find a photodump from the game.
(click on any picture to get a better look)

The mission we played was "Invasion!" But with a larger table.

The Bretonnians would attack the forest and a combined force was set up to drive these pesky humans back to protect the forest and the graveyard from any visitors.

Stay of my lawn...

A massive forestdragon. To massive to fit on the base. I have no idea where its from but I love this stand in model. I think its some kind of sculpture or shelf warmer.

The forest goblin reinforcements arrive from the rear.

The Bretonnian king charged my bigboss on his large spider and swatted him mightil... His nearby spider riders could do little to protect him. The leader of the ghosts charged in to help out, but he was cut down...
In the end the Bretonnian King was dragged down by the poisonous spiders, the goblins riding them did nothing but waving their spears at the direction of the king.

In the end the Bretonnians were stopped and the forces of the forest managed to stop them.

Here are some more pictures: