Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Death Korps of Krieg Hellhound

And here we have my new beast all painted and ready to roll out.

The unpainted `Work in progress´ pictures of her can be found here: http://kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.com/2020/06/work-in-progress-death-korps-of-krieg.html

The Deathkorps of Krieg 317th Grand Arme have been equipped with a small number of special issues patterns of Hellhounds.
Borrowing design features, as the hull mounted weapon and a extra fuel cart with the Malcador Infernus but here on the much smaller Chimera chassis. She is large enough to have the flamer fuel internal but an external fuel cart behind the vehicle would protect the crew or just for the added fuel, so she can burn more enemies before she has to refuel.

This beast is painted to a higher standard then much of old Death Korps of Krieg collection but I really like how she turned out.
A unique conversion to a high painting standard, mean looking model and she is freshly painted... We all know what that means... The "new model syndrome" will be particularly harsh on her... She will not live through her first turn... And probably for a number of games...

I painted the gun barrels or the heat shields showing heat de-colourations as I wanted to add some extra colours to a in other cases really brown vehicle.

The vehicle is protected with a matt varnish but the lenses are painted with an gloss to make them really pop.

The fuel cart is attached with magnets and can be twisted around or removed if need be.

Some spill on the hatches.

I really like the worn look on how the metal wheels turned out.

With the fuel cart detached, showing some drop spill from the valves.

I wanted to make some fun details on her, and painted one of the shurzen to look as it was newly constructed and hanged on the sides. "Unpainted" and still showing some details or markings from the workshop.

The weapons are ether pinned or magnetised so I can swap out the weaponry. On the picture above she is instead equipped with a meltacannon