Saturday, 14 April 2018

Death Korps of Krieg, Grenadiers

Here we have a small unit of Death Korps of Grenadiers.

The pictures didnt turn out that great but they are good enought, click on the pictures to get a larger picture.

Some of these models are standard Grenadiers, some from the Centaur kit and the Watchmaster have been given extra parts from Perry Miniatures Napoleonics to make him even more bad-ass with a French hussar sabre at the ready...

I painted the skullmasks white to give a nice contrast with the dark colours on the miniatures.

On one side I have tried to paint the Imperial two headed eagle, you cant really see what it is but it is meant to represent the Imperial eagle atleast.
The other side have been given a shield mark.
The Watchmaster have further been inspired by the WW2 American 29th infantry division at Normandy and been given a white line on the back on his helmet. The idea is that he will be easer identified while leading the charge...