Tuesday, 4 October 2022

One Page - Age of Fantasy - Bretonnia vs Forest Goblins AAR

 Something lurking in the forest...

The unsuspecting humans moving in to cross the bridge from the small farm into the forest.

My friend Håkan and I tested the One Page - Age of Fantasy rules that can be downloaded from https://onepagerules.com/portfolio/age-of-fantasy/

We both wanted to test it and it would be fun to bring forth our old warhammer armies that we dont use anymore. And as my friend collected Bretonnia and they got royally screwed when Warhammer Age of Sigmar was released, my own Forest Goblins actually got rules but no new models that Im aware of at least. Granted I havnt looked at their Age of Sigmar games in years so that could have changed bur I doubt it.

Anyway, we wanted to test the One page rules for their fantasy setting and found suitable armylists.
We really both liked their armybuilding program and how to build armies.

Knights and infantry moves out.

The sound of large numbers of spiders...

Some forest goblins and a shaman have taken the position on a small hill.

The goblin warboss on his monster spider.

The boss of one of the spider rider units brandishing his nice copper axe, all the flint stone carrying warriors in his tribe is envious of this shiny, mighty weapon...

The Trolls saw a bridge and sneaked forward, ran as soon as they were discovered.
They saw the chance and took it...

Might not have been the most tactically sound idea to hold the bridge, they are pestered from all sides...

The big boss on his huge spider is confronted by the Bretonnian general and a whole host of knights...

- Charge...

The knights engage the lone boss.

And he is taken down...

The trolls still holds the bridge.

The spiders cross the cold stream and engage a unit of peasants with halberds.

The huge mama spider tries to help the last of the trolls and charged one of the knight units and eat all of their horses...

The archers moves up to get a better sight of the troll without the cover of the walls on the bridge..
- Loose
And the last troll has fallen...

One of the spider rider units having just destroyed the archer unit guarding on of the sides of the bridge continue moving threatening the flanks of the archers. Just a small is cold stream in their path.

The Bretonnian general and his knights charges the huge mama spider.

And unfortunately we had to call it a day here.
We zoom out of the engagement and leave our heroes tales unrecorded.
Did they Bretonnians manage to stop  the forest goblin tribes venture into the civilized world ? Where they pushed back to their dark forest from where they came?
We might never know.
But what is known is that both Håkan and I had a blast playing One page - Age of Fantasy...

Its just a great game and are easy to learn, it was really fun to use our old fantasy collection and with rules that are fast to play and gives enough feeling for a game in a fantasy setting.

So as you might have understood from the text above... I highly recommend the rules.


  1. Nice to see old Warhammer figures out on the table 👍

  2. Lovely painted armies and terrain! I like your basing too!