Sunday, 21 May 2023

Turnip 28 - Observation Balloon


A pair of elderly spinsters blown off course. They are followed by a cavalcade of adoring worshippers and wouldbe sightseers. Dropping bricks and cutting remarks, they plummet into adventure and the unknown.

A roadsign pointing at a café the balloon crew is heading to.
Flying over the swampy and uneven terrain unharmed.

A soldier of a opposing regiment stand under the passing of the balloon and got a close view of a stone from big height...

The flags hanging from one of the ropes are signalling flags for ships.
- You are standing in danger.
- Keep clear of me, I am manoeuvring with difficulty.
- Carrying dangerous/ explosive cargo.

The old drunkards in the balloon...
I painted them with red noses and faces, the conjak drinking is taking its toll...


Edit: Some Work in Progress pictures can now be found @


  1. That is astounding, what a charming piece. I love the use of naval signalling flags especially. Are the trailing ropes made of wire to support the weight of the balloon?

  2. Oh my! Awesome atmospheric work!