Friday, 10 August 2018

Carvilia Optata - 40k battle report. Imperial Guard vs Orks

An Warhammer 40.000 battle report:

Over 250 years ago the world of Carvilia Optata was invaded by a mighty Ork Waagh.
This game is the first in our campaign:

The then civilised world of Carvilia Optata was transformed by war.
The initial bombardment of the Orks and the sheer volume of firepower released have made the surface of the planet almost unrecognisable.
Most of the planets landmasses transformed to harsh ash wastes over time.

The initial Waagh failed in its goal of an lightning strike to take over the planet and a long siege would ensue.
The human population dug in and started to mostly live under ground with only fortified bastions peeking the surface. The Orks was not as able and have instead opted for an mobile warfare, trying to migrate over the surface for scraps, food sources and resources in an seasoning fashion.

As the initial Ork Waagh had run out of steam the much reduced Ork forces found them self in trouble, not having stocked up on supplies and the fact that the war torn surface had an impact of cloud movements and rain. 
The planet of Carvialia Optata dried up and because of this the Orks have had trouble reproduce and finding food according to the theories of Magus Biologus Placus Gellius. He is of the opinion that the Orks reproduce by spores and for this they need a fertile moist area that is not exposed by direct sunlight.
The Ork forces usually moves between the hemispheres during the spring and autumn seasons as the sun is unforgiven and they dont want to bee exposed for to long in the wrong season of the hotter summer. 

The Imperial PDF forces on the planet have been supplement by fresh Imperial Guard army forces over time.
But this are mostly token forces to satisfy the request of the System Governor as Imperial Command has deemed the planet totally uninteresting and is rather using the resources elsewhere.

And so goes the seasoning, the Imperial forces colonizes a unclaimed land, built fortifications and starts to dug in and dug deaper. Over time a Ork warband will move in on the territory. 
Some time the bastion stands and some times it is overrun.
This makes for a rather fluid warfare of "islands" of bastions that holds for short or long time, some have never fallen and some have been rebuilt as soon as the Ork forces migrate to greener pastures.

Here under follows a report that took place 130 years ago on the ash wastes of Carvilia Optata.

The Imperial forces had taken up an fortified position around Outpost 121B.
It was a small contingent of Vostroyan and Death Korps troops.
Dust movements had been spotted and a small Ork force was about to attack.

The main objectives for the Orks was three defence installations, these must be held for to keep the Orks at bay.
A fortified bunker and two pieces of anti air guns that are able to engage enemy fliers at long range and making it hard for Orkish aerial movement anywhere near Outpost 121B.
Losses of infantry is totally unimportant. All that matters is to keep these three defensive installations out of Ork hands.

Vostroyan conscripts man the trench.

Death Korps Engineers with shotguns with one of the important defence installation pieces.

An fast Ork force moves in. Smaller buggies at the front and a larger armoured vehicle at the rear filled with Ork troops hunkering down until enemy is close enough.

Imperial forces starts to rearange its defence forces, shifting its men to the expected front of contact.

Orks is starting to get near.

To keep the Orks at bay an surprise assault was initiated. Imperial forces leaves the trenches and storms forth...

The Death Korps with bayonets at the ready tries to cut down the Ork buggies but there is not much a mere human can do against those massive Orks.

The Ork forces starts to spill out of their huge armoured "truck".

The sheer size difference of Orks and humans can easily bee seen with these poor conscripts.
But the Orks are also packing some serious firepower.

The large armoured vehicle swings around the rock formation as the Imperial forces moves up.
A Commisar and his Ogre bodyguard has left the defences and is in the front of the offences instead. But his men starts to thin out, he is almost alone now...

An massive brute of an Ork charges over the now emptied trenches..

Death Korps Engineers with shotguns uses its carcass ammunitions on the beast but the unstable ammunition makes more damage on the Death Korps then on the Orks...

The front lines starts to thin down...
No matter, the Orks need to be stopped...

The defenders are hit from all sides.

A lone Death Korps Watchmaster (sergeant) is seen climbing an mighty beast he had cut down in combat. 
The mighty Ork beast is finally taken out in the combat with the Death Korps Marshal and the highly efficient Lord Commisar.

The Ork forces was routed with the loss of their leader, their forces had run out of steam as their infantry that was needed to take out the defence installations had been more or less taken out by now.

What initially looked as a totally walk in the park for the Ork forces got bogged down in human blood.
The Imperial forces had managed to trade the life of their troops for enough time and pick the Ork forces apart.
The fact that the Imperial Guard had left their trenches for a bayonet charge meant that the Orks forces got bogged down in front of the defences and after they had cleared up the initial counter assault they were still not inside the defences and had do advance even further.

A highly costly victory in guard lives but thats how the Imperial Guard fight...