Thursday, 6 September 2018

Stygies pattern Destroyer, Tank Hunter

I just finished these Stygies pattern Destroyer Tank Hunters for my Death Korps.

I have had these kits laying in my pile of unbuilt miniatures for at least 5 years, about time they were given some love.
I added the trench rails and dust filters from a friend that are building a Solar Auxilia tank force for Horus Heresy that he didnt whant to have on his tanks. They fit perfectly for what Im after, so big thanks for that.
In 7the edition rules they were really useless, that costed way to many points. I dont know if the current rules give them justice but I really wanted to paint them.

The Destroyer's primary mission is to first and foremost seek out and destroy enemy armoured vehicles. While somewhat useful in an assault the lack of a turret or secondary weaponry makes these vehicles more vulnerable to enemy infantry or flank attacks than normal, relegating them to a supporting role behind the main vanguard. Where they best shine is on the defensive, ambushing enemy armoured columns from prepared hiding positions and firing a couple quick shots before re-deploying to avoid return fire. Their ability to effectively destroy targets from long range makes them prime targets, with enemy tank crews valuing confirmed Destroyer kills more than other vehicles..

They are all given a hunter killer missile and a top mounted stormbolter for close protection.

Ive given the tanks some extra equipment and searchlights.
Some extra cargo from Warlord Games.

I painted them in my regular Death Korps cammo scheme and given them my white marking and the "Mortua Ferrox" symbol as they belong to my Assault Brigade.


  1. I love your vehicle colours! The camo pattern is great, subtle enough not detract from the overall base grimness! I still haven't finalized a scheme for my krieg vehicles, but your work is inspiring me to get closer...