Thursday, 8 December 2016

Death Korps of Krieg Infantry

I just finished the last brushing on these Death Korps infantrymen. Most of this batch are from the old Gorgon kit and was sold on a line that you could separated and based singularly. Before Forge World stopped selling these you could actually buy Death Korps of Krieg for less money then Games Workshops basic Cadians. Granted some work was needed so separate them from their buddies and base them singular but still totally worth it. I bought a couple of those kits before they were discontinued and is by far time to actually paint them...

I used white as the colours for my infantry arms and their shoulder straps and insignia on the collar as well as one stripe on one of the shoulder armours is using that colour.

One side of the helmet have what is meant to represent the Imperial Eagle and the other side is having an shield design in black,white, red.

They are all wearing the ww2 Autumn Oakleaf pattern camouflage and the armoured parts are black or dark gray. I wanted light coloured gas masks to create a contrast.

Im not totally happy with the bases but that will have to do. I wanted a boring, brown, muddy feel to them but Im thinking about atleast add some straws of dead grass to add some more details in the future...

Seventeen down, unnumbered more to do... 


  1. I'm busy slicing and dicing a set at the moment. I have a number of 3-handed troopes along with some double amputees

    1. I have a bitbox of Napoleonics from Perrys and Victrix, those are excellent to create officers for sabres and other bits to fix up those damaged when seperating. :D