Monday, 27 February 2017

40k battle Imperial guards

Yesterday we had an Imperial guard battle. My friend Marko wanted to borrow my Crassus super heavy transport (transport 35..) to try it out. And I wanted to try out fielding multiples of Storm Chimeras.
Rather quickly I noticed that I had brought the wrong tools for this match, I have so much to learn when it comes to list building. But my biggest mistake was that I didnt play aggressively enough the first turn. All those lascannon wielding Sentinels really psychological hindered my movement the first turn.That hesitance to not throw my men right into the meat grinder at first chance costed my overall game much... Bad Death Korps player bad Death Korps player...

It was a sad sight but I think I have learned some things.
I think the game ended something like 4-16, it really didnt matter. It didnt go to well..

And the driver/controller of the Hades breaching drill will be court-martialed for treason...
At first I was just a bit angry at him  for damaging my commanders Chimera but later when he made the stolen Crassus explode and taking the commanders Chimera and everyone inside out also Im sure that this was more then a mere accident...


  1. Are you sure the hades drill operator actually survived? :P