Sunday, 20 August 2017

French light infantry crusaders

I wanted a lighter infantry option for my French crusader force.
But the miniatures are rather generic painted so I can through them into about any medieval force without looking wrong.

The miniatures are a mixture but are mostly Conquest Games - Normans and Gripping Beast - Dark age warriors with some Fireforge - Sergeants heads.

This is also one of those units that have stood halfpainted since maybe Christmas so it feels good to finish them.

As I wanted a lowly standard unit I tried to keep the colours down and not highlight to bright. This will make this unit somewhat dull but will make the knight units pop even more.

 In Lion Ramant I will use three bases and use wound markers, this for ease movement.


  1. Ich finde die Farben richtig gut getroffen und gut bemalt. Top Arbeit

  2. Great looking converts!
    Love them :)