Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Thallax unit

My Solar Auxilia forces have just acquisition some battle robots, some Thallaxes.

If I include an Engineseer with an Cortex controller I got the option to include these robots as an Heavy Support option in my Solar Auxilia list.
I got somewhat mixed feelings of including other forces troops as an heavy support but they are such cool looking models I could resist.

And I just love the idea with large robots mixed in between the ranks of puny humans. Besides, these were really really fun to paint.
I opted for an military type of colour scheme on them to fit into my regular Solar Auxilia forces.

Please not the cable markings. Neutral, phase and polkagris, nothing can possibly go wrong here...

One of the shoulder guards on each Thallax are decorated with the "Ajax" logo, from the Ajax, Horus Heresy event I attended this summer.
It was from an transfer sheet from the goody bag at the event.

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