Monday, 16 November 2020

Alpha Legion Breachers



I think that the breacher unit is a really cool unit and I wanted to try out painting a unit in dark grey, almost black armour. All that is missing is a Swat sign...

I went with a thunderhammer on the sergeant because of rule of cool...
And I wanted the unit to have lascutters for cutting up bulkhead doors in the way... But mostly because its a cool weapon..

So here we have my new breacher squad... with lascutters... So we all know these will be terrible on the gaming table... But no matter, they look cool.


And here are some pictures taken with UV lights, again just because its cool... You might have started to see a theme here by know...


  1. Looking really lovely! Dark colours this is it!
    Can I have a request for you?
    I have some problems with the "pl" server and my blog came back with the correct name (
    If you could add to the blog roll again, I would be honored :)

  2. Thanks Michal

    The link name seems to be correct already.

  3. Dark grey armour and UV highlights. Doubleplusscool!

    Regards, Chris.