Monday, 2 August 2021

Ayyubid Egyptian force


After I painted the last unit I thought it was high time to do some army pictures as I always finds the sum of all the parts are better then the individual units by them self.

This is the units I painted for my Ayyubid Egyptians somewhat in reason time and I wanted to group them all together for this photo shoot before I pack them down with the rest of my collection.
This is nowhere near my full collection, it should be massive by now.
I should really take the time to take some photos of the entire collection together at some time.

More of my Saracens can be found under that label here on the blog.

All of this units can be found here on the blog under a separate post.

But without further ado lets start looking at those pictures.
You can click on them to get a larger one then seen as a preview.