Monday, 15 November 2021

Plains of Orbala, Parvana Mahrukh System. Horus Heresy campaing game 8


This is part 8 in our campaign of Parvana Mahrukh, set in the world of Horus Heresy, 30k

The club had a small gaming weekend some weeks ago and Håkan and I desided to play the next game in our campaign about the Parvana Mahruk system. Set in the 30k universe of Horus Heresy, or rather at some backwater part of the milky way where the words of the rebellion haven't even been spread yet. So the ruling forces here continues with their internal struggle for power or wealth.

In the last couple of games we saw some of the actions in the Khurshid area of the city of Paimanah. The Expeditional Protection Force (Håkans miltia force) held the city but it is mostly under the control Eastern Fringe Trading Company (my Solar Auxilia force) by now. But most of the supplies held in the city is under the control of the Expeditional Protection Force. The latest battle from inside the city of Paimanah can you read about here:

The Expeditianal Protection Force still holds most of the supplies from the city and the trading company have only managed to capture a fraction of what they wanted.
What little they have secured is now being prepared to ship out in a military convoy under the leadership of Solar Auxilia Legate Commander Ryabov Vaniamin

In the scenario we played we had 1500pts forces with three unarmed Dracosans called "camels" as mobile objectives.
The Solar Aux force would start in a smaller deployment zone surrounded by militia forces.

The Dracosan camels would start in the hands of the Solar Aux but could be taken over by first hitting the vehicle and beating an armour 10 roll for destroying the hatch, then roll another dice to hit the driver. You could then remove one of your model to now get control of the vehicle. The opposing player could then recapture the vehicle by hitting the vehicle followed by a dice roll to toss out the driver, not needing to open the hatch.
The Solar Aux would only start with half their force on the board and the rest but in reserve.


The might of the Eastern Trading Company's military escort.

An overview of the place of battle. The Expeditional Protection Force had chosen the the plains of Orbala for their attack. The plan was to recapture the supplies and spoils that the trading company had won during the battle of the city of Paimanah. Robbing the trading company of their monetary gains.

Militia forces closing in.

Armoured reinforcements arrive to bolster the defences.

Velitaris in an Aurox have outmanoeuvred the militias.

Leman Russ strike tanks have outflanked the militia forces and are moving in close to get a unobscured targeting line to the enemy armour.

Another Solar Aux strike tank have outflanked its enemy.

And with its combined firepower managed to take out its target.

And on the opposite side of the battle another enemy Leman Russ blows up in flames.

As the armoured reinforcements arrive, the militia forces engages.

And a deadly firefight between the militia grenadiers and the solar aux. velitaris ensures.

Legate Commander Ryabov Vaniamin had exposed himself without proper bodyguards and was singled out by an enemy Arvus Lighter.

And taken out in an hail of autocannon shots...

Velitaris and grenadiers sergeants dueling it out...

The Leman russ strike tanks managed to down the Arvus...

The militias had taken control of one of the Dracosan Camels.

Now with two Dracosan Camels under their control things dont look to good for the Solar Aux even though they had inflicted heavy casualties on their militia counterparts.

Another group of velitaris combat enemy grenadiers.

The militia Force commander engages the tactical command section and issues a duel to the Strategos.
The Strategos is stricken down...

The militia Force commander and a medic is guarding the escape of the heist on the Dracosan Camel.

The grenadiers wins this round...

A unit of Velitaris charges the milita Force commander. The Force commander wins another challange and strikes down his opponent before anyone could react but is in placed clubbed down with rifle buttstocks...

A lone Solar Auxilia Veliteris had managed to recapture the Dracosan Camel.
In the last turn of the game, what was left of a militia missile launcher team moved in and engaged the Dracosan Camel.
They managed to hit it but not toss out the driver, meaning that the Eastern Trading Company was in possession of two out of three objectives. Given them a minor victory.

So with massive casualty numbers the fighting started to ebb out.

The Easter Trading Company had managed to hold on to at least most of the few supplies and valuables they had managed to secure in the battle of city of Paimanah.

Damn... another really really fun game in our campaign.
And the game was really tight in the end. Håkan had a medic and missile launcher team assaulting the last objective in the last turn but couldn't climb on top of the Camel and replace the driver. It was literally so tight that it was decided on a single dice of 4+ in the end.

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