Sunday 16 June 2024

Silverhelmes from the Kingdom of Ellyrion


I have painted this large batch of Elven knights, its the Age of Sigmars Lightelves or what ever their name is, that I gave new shields and I think these will work as Silverhelmes for my Ellyrion themed army Im building.
At first I thought the helmets would look wrong but as Im trying to theme the miniatures Im painting now as from the Kingdom of Ellyrion and thus giving them a special helmets I think works great. 
The Silverhelm champion was a test miniature for the colourscheme and have been showed on this blog previouslyshowed on this blog previously. Now the whole unit is done. 

Their helmets have some similarity to helmets or hats as the Scythian warrior on the picture above.
So if the AoS helmets have similarity to one of the step tribes that inspired the theme of the warriors of Ellyrion is just perfect for me.

I gave one of the knights a trumpet from my historical bit collection.

And together with the Ellyrian Reavers painted previously this is what I have painted for my High Elf collection.

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