Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A visit to Bottnaryds church, Johan Printz, Kalmar Nyckel, New Sweden

Some time ago I visited Bottnaryds church here in Sweden, Småland.

Its located not so far away from my parents summerhouse but I have never visited it before. Besides being, a rather old church and interesting in itself, being restored to old splendor it housed a small exhibition of Johan Printz. 
He was amoungst other apoinments govenour of New Sweden  from 1643 until 1653.
The Swedish colony on the Delaware River in North America.  

And the miniature gamer in me got a little exited… Maybe a small Pike and Shot project in the future…

Thought I should share some pictures: 

The text is roughly translated to:
Shipmodel of "Kalmar Nyckel" built 1988 by Bengt Faleskog, Bottnaryd.

Kalmar Nyckel is the fist Swedish ship that arrived to America with the Swedes and Finns that started up the colony of New Sweden at the Deleware river 1638.

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