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Ajax: Battle of Hive City. Horus Heresy 30k Event

This post will be a photodump from the Horus Heresy event Ajax: Battle of Hive City.
So in between some pictures from my games we will have some pictures from the other players game.

We had a blast playing a very laid back event with beers and good friends, and all the cool looking miniatures, lots of cool looking miniatures...

(Map taken from the playerpack and may have changed from the actual map and positions before the first game took place.)

The event is the second part or rather the 1.5 in the event series of the Ajax system. The first event that was held this summer ended in somewhat of a draw with neither side having the upper hand of the planet of Ajax Prime.
This event would be centered around "Hive City" the largest city on the planet I think.

First a little about the local. This was a much more slimmed and laid back event then the last in the series and we could have it in our local gaming club here in Växjö, Sweden. Växjö Spelförening.

I had to this event speedpainted a 2500pts Alpha Legion Armoured Breakthrough list previously shown here:
Far from being optimal but the event was a really good motivation to get lots of miniatures I had thought about and planned, glued together and painted in a really short time.
They are still missing washes, some highlights, chipping and some extra mud but are atleast good enough for gaming purpose so thats enought.

For my first game I would be facing Alpha Legion with loyalist interests. Nothing like a hot Alpha Legion on Alpha Legion action...
For some reasons I thought It would be a cool idea testing to outflank my two terminators squads in Land Raiders. This was my first big mistake....
Having never actually played with this list I wanted to try out some ideas or tactics and lets just say that it would come back and bite me, big times...
Having no boots in the ground the enemy could infiltrate and scout up to my positions and my tank company got totally ambushed.
When the Land Raiders with Terminators finally showed up it made some steps in getting back into the fight but it was not enough.
It was a really fun game and had I instead opted to have my two Land Raiders deployed up front ready to engage the enemy from turn one Im sure things would have looked really differently.
A fun game but it was a loss for the traitors.

Second game for me would be a double game. I would team up with World Eaters against Salamenders/ Custodes and a loyalist Emperors Children armored breakthrough list.
All troop choices that was destroyed was put in ongoing reserves and that meant a lot of Predators from both mine and the Emperors Children list would be thrown into the fray again.
It resulted in a really really fun and different game.
One of the special rules for this mission was that my entire list would be able to outflank and enter on turn one.

After both sides had thrown tanks after tanks into the city this game ended in a draw.

In my third game I would team up with Death Guard against a large burning of Prospero themed list with Space Wolves, Custodes and Sisters of Silence.
Having never met Sisters of Silence and almost never Custodes it was interesting to see some of their abilities and what they could do.
As in the previous game my entire army would be entering from outflank turn one.
With an organizer that thought it was to many miniatures on the table I got hit with 6 lance missiles strikes in the head and lost most of my heavy hitters on the left flank. ;D
To be fare it had been a rather late night out the day before so actually I was pretty happy having less models to move around.
It was a fun game and I learned a lot about my army and the Custodes and Sisters of Silence.

But in the end it was a solid win for the loyalist and my Alpha Legion and the Death Guards at my side got thoroughly trashed...

A small introduction to Titanicus was held at the outskirts of the city...

The event ended in a rather large win for the loyalist and the city would be in their hands in the campaign of the event series about the Ajax system.

Big thanks for all the attendees and the organizers for making this weekend such a great couple of days.

For even more pictures of the event please visit my friend Fredriks blog:

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  1. Fab looking games. Despite the overall defeat its still sounded like you had a blast.