Saturday, 9 February 2019

Cannibal attack on peacefull village, Palaeo Diet AAR

The jungle cannibals attacked a nearby agricultural village...

This is a short after action report from an Palaeo Diet game we had.
And I wanted to introduce some other game mechanics.

For this hunt we would have human preys...
I used the hominid reaction table and the miniatures were armed as the model indicated, with bows or spears.
The villagers had just woken up or were not prepared for an attack so the reaction mechanics could work great for this sort of scenario.
I had six villagers scattered around the table and the goal of the scenario would be to kill atleast three of them in eight turns and suffer less casualties then the defenders.

For the attackers I had two groups of four miniatures that were to attack the village.
We also tested out some special rules. Amongst the attacker would be one medicine man(Healer rule), a shaman(Shaman rule) and a chieftain (with the Crotchety, and the Brute special rule to represent his big belly).

The villagers are from Perry Miniatures plastic Ansar box and the Cannibals are from Northstar Miniatures.

The unsuspecting village...

The village drum and a burnt out camp fire.

The first attackers led by their chieftain.

A flanking force with the shaman.

To my total surprise one of the villagers offered tougher resistance than anticipated and I lost one of my attacker. This is not a good start for this attack.

The feisty defender had been pushed back and was then felled with and arrow.
Another defender had left a crop field, climbed over a small fence and was engaging my troops.

Jungle cannibals moving in...

Another defender had been taken out and the troops starts to move to the centre of the village.

A villager is taken out in the fields by a spearwielding cannibal.

The chieftain tries to catch up to another defender but he would have nothing of it and instead opted to run for it, thinking he was faster then the chieftain. A calculated assumption based on the chieftains big belly I would think.
No matter, we had managed to kill three of the defenders and had suffered one loss of our own resulting in a successful attack on the small village.

The deadliness of the first enemy came to a shock for me and I almost thought that the whole attack would be a fiasco. But we managed to come back and in the end it was a success for the cannibals.
Another great game of Palaeo Diet.

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