Saturday, 3 July 2021

Luftwaffe Felt division jäger platoon, Chain of Command

I have painted a small platoon of Luftwaffe Field division light infantry. And when I say small I mean it... these are 15mm miniatures.

The miniatures are old Flames of War miniatures I had laying around from an Flames of War army that never was finalised. It feels good to at last give the miniatures the love they deserved.
They are now singlebased to be used in Chain of Command games.

The Luftwaffe field troops were air mechanics, airfield personal and such that was pressed to front-line service, a role they hardly were trained for and would often suffer horrific casualties.

Besides giving them Luftwaffe camouflage and blueish tinted uniforms I have painted their shoulder cuffs in bright green showing these are jägers, light infantry.

They were rather fun to paint and they will need some support if they are to stand any chances against their enemies. But I havnt decided on what to paint next in this project.

And acompanied the platoon is also a medical orderly, Im guessing he will have to do a lot of work on these poor souls on first contact with the enemy...


And best of all, a 15mm force takes almost no space.
Perfect for a smaller sideproject....