Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Alpha Legion Vindicator Siege tank platoon


I have over a couple of years now collected 2hand Vindicators and in my effort to work on the pile of shame they were next on the list.
The interesting thing with 2hand miniatures are that some things are glued shut, things have huge gaps or bits are missing, the tracks were a chapter of it self. People should really learn how to follow the building instructions...
But with new bits and more glue things can be fixed and most of the quirks can be hidden with paint.. Or i can just call it field repairs and battle damage.

I painted them in the same colour scheme as my Sicarans or my Predators, inspired by British ww2 caunter camouflage that they used in the desert, but with other colours here.
I skipped some details on the mud in the end as I just wanted to get them finished. I dont really plan to use them all, these are more for the collecting or fun part of the hobby so its okey. I still really like the looks of them.


I actually think I prefer the looks without the huge siege shield.

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