Thursday, 1 December 2022

Alpha Legion Tartaros Terminators

With the Horus Heresy 2.0 edition new weapon options seems interesting for me.
So here are some more Tartaros pattern Terminators for my Alpha Legion to supplement the my collection.

First up we have the Power lance, or power spear. Its made by attaching with a metal pinning a bayonet from the mk VI power armour kit onto a spear from Fire forge games.

Next up is some dual power claw wielding dudes...

Here with a banner, vexilia. A power sword and a double power claw.

The new lot, picture taken with less sun glare then the above picture.

The Vexilia is from I think was old Dark Eldar bits. I think its part of a trumpet/ horn like musical instrument if I recall correctly.

I think his scaled shoulderpad was from Scibor Miniatures, a "not Salamander" bit.

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