Monday, 6 February 2023

Death Korps of Krieg - Field Ordnance Battery


The new Imperial Guard Field Ordnance battery is a neat little addition to the guards. Like a mini earth shaker battery I think it has its place fluff wise.
I wanted them to look similar as its larger cousins and ended up making greenstuff wheels from pressmoulding the wheels from the heavy weapons teams and mounting them in similar fashion.
I made the gun swapable  so these ordinance can switch between the heavy las cannon and the field gun.

Paintingwise I used French WW2 camouflage pattern but with alternative colours on the field ordnances. I painted a small red triangle, also a french WW2 marking for artillery.
The crew is painted in my standard Death Korps colours of german ww2 camoflage and I added red collar tabs to mark them as artillery crew.

It doesnt come through that distinct on these pictures but I added mud effect on some places on the bases making them semi wet, making the mud really terrible for the soldiers...

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  1. Nice work. You can almost see them sinking into the mud!

    Regards, Chris.