Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Sertoria Comitus, Chapter 3 Game 1, The lost records of the Aulus IV power station

These are the lost records from the Reconquest campaign of Sertoria Comitus.
Imperial Astopaths and Imperial Scribes are trying to combine and compile the lose information they have managed to snap up in to a coherent picture of the event that took place.

(I must have forgotten to put these pictures on the blog but I just found them in a old forgotten folder on my computer, this will make for some sporadic information on older pictures...)

The information are old and scrambled, the Imperial bureaucracy are having trouble to get a correct picture. What is known is that all is not well with the Reconquest effort of the planet of Sertoria Comitus.

Here under we can see a small collection of pictures taken during what to a initial clash outside the powerstation of Aulus IV.
If the data is correct Aeldari movement had been picket up and a defense force was readied and a another force was rerouted to the area intended to hit the enemy in the back...
The plan seems to have been to smash the Aeldari force in the middle, but the sneaky and fast xenos is not easy to pick apart...



First recon forces of the Death Korps enters the area.

Elite infantry and tanks moves up.

The Aeldar forces speeds out of the fog of war and the defenders are not prepared for this speed.


Heavy fighting in the area of the power station.

More Aeldar forces hit the Death Korps attack in the rear.

The defenders tries to push out the Xenos.

Leman Russ battletank pushes at full speed to release the pressure on the defenders, trying to hit the rear of the Falcon as it tried to use the hill for cover.

Engineers from the Death Korps storms up with their shotguns ready, trying to hit the rangers behind the cover.

The xenos abhorrents dismounts.

Their transport is seen in fire, a prof of the poor mechanical workmanship of the Xenos race.

Eldar gravtanks use the speed and hit a Imperial tank at close range...

Here the picture feed ends and later reports of the power station of Aulus IV is offline. It seems the Imperial forces was defeated unable to defeat the Xenos...

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