Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Carthaginian citizen infantry, unboxing

I just bought a box of Victrix: Carthagenian Citizen Infantry. Well technically this isnt a box, first time I bought plastic miniatures in an large zip bag. That works to, maybe even better really but I miss the nice pictures that a box usually contains.
Its 24 miniatures in the bag, of which 3 are from an command frame.

There are two types of frames, one command and the rest is for the regular troops.

Here is a close up on the Command frame.

There are three miniatures per regular frame, six heads, four spears and six shields.

But before anyone thinks Im going ancients... My plan is to use these in my Crusading project as a base for Berber infantry, with some turbans, new shields and maybe some more detail these could be perfect. Its all about the paintjob in the end.

A Ghulam services to Turkish and Berber Fatimid infantryman Kutama under the Fatimid with its typical shield Kutama Berbers


  1. Was looking forward to seeing how you did the Carthaginians, but will look forward to the conversions instead.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out.