Sunday, 22 November 2015

Death Korps vs Salamanders Spacemarines 40k AAR

A couple of weeks ago we had a small Megabattle of 40k. This time we pitted the my friends and mine Death Koprs againts two Salamander Spacemarines.

Enemy have deployed, thin lines.. mutch of their forces are in the reserves.

The engines of the Imperial Guard is in sight.

My Medusa "Irma" with autocannons in front and guardsmen around.

We wanted to test out a little special idea... We had a Macharius Vulcan tank each...

A Thunderer, lascannon teams and more guardsmen guards our right flank.

The guardsmen advance.

The enemy reinforcements starts to arrive. Marines lands with a meltagun at the ready.

Another droppod with more marines.

-Flaming away at the poor guardsmen.

Having really hard finding a suiting target I managed to find a small fireing line to an rhino and loosen up the gatlings from the Macharius resulting in an fire.

Enemy rhino boxformations popping smoke to conceal their advance.

My Medusa is no more and I have taken casualties.

Enemy stronghold, with lots of Salamanders taking shelter.

Enemy airpower decent on the battlefield. These flying tanks of the Space marines are not to taken lightly, they got more stayingpower then an Landraider. and packing nasty firepower and is transporting troops. They are really nasty and we really got no thing to stop them with.

My grenadiers on the hill is cut down from enemy fire, enemy scouts advance from the now unguarded flank.

One of our superheavies are blown to pieces by the aircrafts.

Fragmissiles lands on the guardsmen.

I had managed to lasgun down all but one assaultmarine and he was angy... assaulting my guardmen.

-Pile in.

My Medusa is packing an Heavy flamer and it is put to good use.

More enemy scouts behind our lines.

This lone gaurdsman stormed forth, tossing fraggrenades and readying him self to nock down some marines with the butstock on his rifle...
The marines used defensive fire, he managed to dogde all the boltgun bolts, one of the marines loaded an antitank round with his missile launcher and managed to hit him charging...
A medal was awarded postum to his memories...

The Watchmaster managed to cut down the assaultmarine with his sabre.

The airpower had decided on their next target... My Macharius was in deep trouble now...

A brave squad of guardsmen had managed to push into the enemy lines but was now cornered all surounded by marines.

When the fire from my guns cleared two marines where still standing, they assaulted my lone platoon commander. He managed to scratch one of them with his "trusty" plasmapistol as the charged.

Close combat on the right flank.

The enemy ruins are assaulted by guardsmen... heavely outnumbered they plan to clear the ruins...

Our right flank is getting thin...

Our next idea was to try to swarm the flyer and bringing it down with krak grenades...

A perfect hit from my Medusa, combined with bad armour saves it managed to inflict some damage.

My lone Platoon commander is joined with my Company commander and his last bodyguard.

Hits are struck but it was the Platoon commander that managed to scratch another marines from the field.

The guardsmen on the far right flank is still alive...

After the combat i had a tactial redraw behind some cover.

Marines advance. Im guessing they are loading another krak grenades....

My Macharius have an apocalyptic explosion...

And loots of guardsmen are missing.

The Death korps are still contesting the ruins, now even more outnumbered...

Boom... darn it...

And here we decided to call it a day... As hard it is I have to admit we got heavely beaten here. We managed to kick back some and inflict some cassualties but we were from round two on the loosing side not managing to bite back as much as we were bitten.
The plan to go all out with two Macharius Vulcan tanks was a BIG mistake. They sunk a lot of points that could have been used more effective. None of them really got a good round of fireing, all enemy in cover, behind terrain or simply not valid targets. That perfect round of fire we had in our mind never happened.
At the end of the day we really didnt have mutch left, just some scattered squads of Guardsmen here and there trying to fight back. With all our heavy hitters gone lasguns was not enought to be able to turn this mess around.

Thanks all for the game.

My man of the match: Platoon Commander Reodric with his "trusty" plasmapistol, power sword and carapace armour managed to scratch three or four marines singlehandely.


  1. Despite the loss it sounds like a good game. Both armies looked great!

  2. Thanks, yeah it had its highlights.

    The best thing playing guards is that you expect to take severe casualties so even if you are whiped of the table you now you have more troops at home. And those heroic moments can really happen, if a super charachter manage to bring down some opponent then its nothing special but when a lone guardsmen or sergeant manage to do this against all ods its the stuff of legend.
    Im a little bored by the whole "special snowflake" effekt of games like 40k, when all is special they are all the same in the end and nothing special.