Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pygmies, Tribal Africa

Ahh it feels good to every now and then pick up an old project and finish of some miniatures that have been lying in there blisters waiting for the right moment.

The miniatures from my Tribal Africa project have a special place and It would be fun to get the inspiration to really paint up the tribes and miniatures I got in my head. 


Here we have some Pygmies from Wargames Foundry, I bought these and a couple of other miniatures when they sent a free pygmy with spears with orders from them. And they sent me an extra on top of that, nice.
They fit in nicely with their regular archers.

And I really need to keep in mind to use a darker backdrop on such dark painted miniatures. Let’s see if I remember that next time but I wouldn’t count on it Im afraid. The details are hard to see on these pictures, sorry.

I hope that this small unit can get me my Tribal Africa mojo back. 


  1. Very nice to see you puck up your Africa project again. Greate paintwork on your Little men.

  2. Nice figures makes me think of the new Congo game out soon.

  3. A nice little tribe. Really a good job.