Tuesday 31 October 2023

Orcs of Mordor


An army worthy of Mordor...

I have for a long time felt the urge to get an Old School Orc force for Mordor...

Having for a long looked at Iron Mittens excellent Lord of the Rings collection and felt a need to get some old school Lord of the Rings miniatures my self.

So before the summer I made the decision to take the plunge and commit to this project. What you see in this post is the first batch of this project.

The miniatures are a mixture of metal miniatures and plastic miniatures.
Most of my metal miniatures are from Mirliton miniatures: https://www.mirliton.it/fantasy-25-28mm/orcs
But with some other miniatures from old GW Orcs and some older Mithril miniatures tossed in.
The plastic miniatures are a mixture of Oathmark miniatures, Wargames Atlantic and Warlord Games (ex Wargames factory) and GW:s Lord of the Rings miniatures.

I painted the miniatures in dark gray, almost black clothes with the red eye as a markings. I wanted the bases to be desert but I wanted to have vegetation so added some orange coloured ones for a more interesting bases.

This is the first batch of Orcs and I got more of these coming in the future.


  1. Damn fine looking brutes there.

  2. Fabulous, I do like mixing it up with ranges when it comes to orcs!

    All the best with the project